Apr 22, 2013

The Irony of Growing Green Food --- For Livestock

In celebration of Earth Day I can't help but get enthusiastic about modern methods that will ethically sustain our nutritional needs.  Anyone who's read my opines throughout the web or on this blog also knows what optimism I have in hydroponic food production. This along with veganic gardening and perma-culture - We actually stand a chance to feed ourselves in ways that don't destroy the planet or harm others.

In rural and suburban areas I love the idea of turning lawns into gardens and I praise guerrilla farmers in cities. In residences I think someday all homes will be equipped with food stations that add ever more to the possibility of sustaining a good life on this good planet:

And even in our future galactic travels plants are the answer!

Anyone can see the urgency that should motivate industrial and architectural shifts to producing good food for the generations to come.
Advocates of 'vertical farming' say growing crops in urban high-rises will eventually be both greener and cheaper

This sustainable plant based food model might include floating barges at every port filled with all sorts of grains, legumes and leaf-foods... Grocery stores might have facilities on the roof that grow vegetables of all varieties... It would be processed on the spot and the "food miles" would be the elevator that moves the goods to the ground floor for sale and local distribution. The chaff and waste would be recycled to supply energy for the building and nutrients for the next growing crop. I mean really! Can you just envision what we could do if we shifted our mindset to what's healthier for us any way? (And also what's so much kinder to others too).

So now - You may roll your eyes as I have, at the ludicrous, daft, nonsense the meat industry shows in it's attempt to take these viable, modern methods of feeding humans to ironically --- Feed cows instead! :(
 Greenhouse feeds gaining ground in livestock industry

The Earth, the inhabitants and I thank you for consuming in an ethical, vegan manner.


Bea Elliott said...

I realize the video includes the sad fact that O'Hara is also using bees in its program... Sorry I can neither edit that out of the video or out of their sustainability model. :(

veganelder said...

Think of how very interesting it would be if cities and towns offered a property tax reduction to those with gardens.

I am totally blissed by the facepalm poster...thanks for sharing it! :-)

Bea Elliott said...

Tax breaks for gardens - Great idea! Maybe a discount too if you DON'T have kids? But that's another Earth issue for another day.

You're welcome for the poster/image. In my mind if we will ever make it "out there" surely the Luke Piccard's and Captain Kirk's would shudder to know we were once fattening and eating others. Best thing about Star-Trek is that it's Vegan!
Thanks for dropping in. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Bea Elliott said---- Maybe a discount too if you DON'T have kids? But that's another Earth issue for another day.
Bea---I pity you. Having children is the greatest moment in a human's life. It is evident you have never had the chance to experience this kind of joy.

Bea Elliott said...

Karen I appreciate that you are so enthusiastic about having your own child-filled life. But it's not necessarily everyone's choice of happiness.

There are many, many people who were and are quite fulfilled without. I certainly am one of them. I have no regrets of my childfree decisions. For me, it has allowed me to pursue a career and personal goals that I would otherwise not been able to. If motherhood is your thing... And you can financially afford to raise a child correctly... And you can offer them a sound foundation to live in an ethical manner - Of course this is a benefit as well but it is not the "end all" for everyone. Sorry.

Good day.