Dec 22, 2013

Happy Vegan Holidays - To You!

All the fur, feathered and scaled creatures think your kindness is the best gift of all!

(To You!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you, I hope your holidays will be joyful as well.

Anonymous said...

Happy Plant-Based Holidays to you too :)

Onward to 2014 & more victories for the planet.
xoxo Dana

veganelder said...

The buns all love Aunt Bea. Thank you so much for thinking of them...and they all wish you (along with me too) the mostest and bestest of vegans greetings! And good wishes for excellent holidays!

Bea Elliott said...

Hello Lon and congratulations on your return to a vegan way of living. Indeed if our mental and spiritual health matters at all - It's the only way to really be alive & well with the world.

Thank you for stopping by. I wish you the best of this season's joy as well.

Bea Elliott said...

Hello Dana! Thanks for all you do to make this world a better place. Peace, health and happiness to you! <3 Bea

Bea Elliott said...

Year round, such good works are done at Heartland! A world of good-differences are made regarding these special lives.

I thought of you and all the buns last Saturday as I was introduced to a sweet little guy named Thumper. He had the run of the lawn and was obviously adored by his human family. Everything was as it should be. I almost did a binky to see it so! :D

Have yourself the cheeriest and brightest time possible during the holidays and through this next, best year to come! Bunny-hugs to all! <3

Anonymous said...

Frightfully behind on everything these days, but wanted to pop in and wish you and yours a wonderful holiday and an awe-inspiring 2014! :)

Bea Elliott said...

Hi HGV! I know what you mean... I'm trying diligently to tie up what I'm behind on so I don't drag my tardyness into the New Year!

Hope you had and are having a fine end-of-year wrap. May all things positive and delicious find their way to you in 2014! ;)