Apr 21, 2014

Don't Hurt The Pig In The Box!!! Having a Few Laughs With the Pork Industry

If you care for a laugh... You can watch Ms. T. Grandin demonstrate the many permissible ways to handle pigs when they are being moved about.

You certainly must NOT hurt the pig in the box though!

And you must NEVER drag a "pig, sheep or beef":

Of course the wickedly UNfunny thing is that down that long line of moving pigs, it's perfectly acceptable to mutilate/rape them, electrocute them, hoist them by their legs, slit their throats and disembowel them... That's just peachy in their line of business!

Now my humor may have a bit of a twist to it... But the pig industry thinks their practices are hysterical:

Truth is - They're a vulgar bunch - Aren't they?
Quite a laugh they have at the expense of innocent lives.

Let's not hurt pigs on or in boxes... Let's not harm anyone!
The only permissible way to treat others is found through living an ethical vegan life!