Apr 24, 2014

Did You Trick Your Meat To Death? Fear Not! Go Vegan Instead!

I'm sorry gentle readers... But as luck would have it there's yet another post that includes the opinions of the meat industry's darling - Ms. Temple Grandin.

The crux of the matter is that consumers are afraid that the animal-targets are afraid! Consumers want to be assured that the deed is done without the animal's knowledge or fear.  Wouldn't want any bad juju in that burger right?

I guess it all comes down to how cunningly you set the stage for the murder... No rattling chains or slippery floors to panic the poor unsuspecting victims. No doubt these folks are masters of trickery and foolery. But you dear meat-eater can trust them, so they say!

You know... A good friend of mine lost his sister in a car accident. It was instant. Guess the drunk driver shouldn't have been held accountable as she never knew what hit her... Literally. ***** Just because you can "sneak up" on an another and snuff them without their knowledge doesn't make the act of killing an innocent being any less violent or offensive.

A final thought to ponder... For every "calm" cow or pig that is sacrificed to the throne of human gluttony there are hundreds of hysterically frightened, out of their minds-scared, petrified birds that often die of heart attacks when they are slated for "humane slaughter". Looks like the meat industry isn't going to utter a word about the issues regarding these panicked "chickens". 

This is the most reprehensible violation of human(e) decency! Eating flesh is NOT NECESSARY! If you are not vegan yet don't comfort yourself with taking life in a "gentle" manner. All life-theft hurts the one who's life is stolen. Whether they fear that loss or not doesn't change the crime! 

Why harm when you don't have to???
Please be courageous in your ethical code. Go Vegan.


veganelder said...

Ms. Grandin reminds me, in a way, of Heinrich Himmler. He reportedly attended a murder event of Jewish victims and was rather shaken by the experience. That, along with complaints from the perpetrators about the emotional difficulty of shooting men, women and children, was supposedly among the factors that caused the criminals to move to gassing instead of shooting the victims. Gassing was "easier" on the perpetrators.

Heinrich was looking out for the perpetrators, Temple is, in her own way, looking out for the supporters of the perpetrators? I suppose these instances would be featured in some macabre Hall of Fame for the Horrid.

We might note that her little speech (and let's all remember that both of those women in the sad and disgusting video are being paid for what they are saying by the murderers of cows) could easily have been given by some Nazi functionary reporting on the victims walking to the gas chambers at Treblinka.

Human animals...you almost have to laugh...there's nothing we do that we can't twist and distort bizarrely enough to make us look "good".

Bea Elliott said...

It's happened again - remarkably so... Your comment has added a dimension that I had not considered and it only betters my thoughts.

Yes, I remember that about Himmler. And yes, so sadly the victims did walk into the "showers" so willingly. I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't recall these things without nudging. Maybe that's my attempt to forget it? But you are so right VE... Grandin and her co-conspirator enable and sanction for profit.

Thank you for sharing these other details that I neglected to see. We humans love to buy the useful lies that the Grandin's of the world profit from and hide in. As ugly as it is... I'm glad my eyes are more open to it.