Jul 10, 2010

My Policies...

I regretfully have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to provide some people with guidelines regarding acceptable language and demeanor on this blog.

I will not permit or tolerate any abusive, racial, sexist, age-ist, speciesist attacks aimed at me or any other contributor. If you have something valid to say, do so in a civil manner and your input will be respected. I reserve the right to delete any and all posts which do not follow these very reasonable, minimum standards that I request.

Until this point I have had no issue with visitors on this blog - It is unfortunate that such a small minority of undesirables cast such a bad light on those who are genuinely interested in honest debate.

To the trolls who are willfully ignorant and deliberately ugly - You are not welcome here.  No comments on this post will be accepted.  Thank you.