Burnt Offerings

A running tab of animals burned alive in the making of "Humane" meat, dairy and eggs:

10,000 chickens perish in an inferno
The blaze killed about 4,000 sows and 6,000 to 7,000 piglets
520,000 trapped chickens burn to death
4,000 baby piglets trapped in deadly fire
some were trapped in the burning barn and killed
Some 1,300 pigs have died in a fire at a factory farm  All but three of the 100 dairy cattle in the barns were rescued from the blaze 27,000 3.5 week old chickens were killed in the fire
4,200 pigs were killed in Alberta in a barn fire
At least half of 11,000 birds perish in "breeder barn" inferno. 
3,500 piglets (ranging in age from 3-10 months) burned alive in Canada
A chicken shed in Devon has burnt down, killing 6,000 chickens 
More than 1,000 hogs perished in a Wednesday afternoon fire
Police said as many as 1,300 pigs died in the fire
Morrisville fire destroys farm building. 
"At least a few animals were burned." 
Thirty dairy goats were killed Thursday when a barn was destroyed in a fire
A big challenge for firefighters was that there was no water at the barn. 
An unknown number of 200 cows were trapped in the blaze.
A barn full of adult and newborn pigs burned down
a 4-alarm fire took the lives of about 300,000 chickens over the weekend
HARDWICK, Mn. – Approximately 3,700 pigs died Sunday night during a fire at a hog farrowing facility
900 goats perish in a massive blaze
30 goats, pigs and a few black Angus cattle were destroyed in a barn fire
They did lose a few cattle — maybe 13 or 15.
“There were neighbors coming down and assisting with the cattle, trying to keep them a safe distance away. Some were injured. Some had slight burns on them,”
 numerous livestock perished in an early morning fire 
150 cows and calves burned alive in barn fire.
Officials at the scene of a dairy barn fire in the Town of Schodack say at least 20 heifers were killed. Four adult pigs, six piglets and 10 chickens that were killed were trapped inside the barn.
500+ pigs die in Norfolk barn fire
The cows were out of the barn. A few calves, however, were inside and were killed
two cows, 100 chickens and a cat perished in a blaze
No injuries were reported, but some livestock was killed. The 4-H Club youth poultry program chickens died in the fire.
Hundreds of chickens and other animals killed in Delta area fire
Massive dairy farm fire kills more than 100 cows
Fire that killed 100,000 baby chickens under investigation
A two-alarm barn fire in Earl Township Saturday morning killed about 1,100 ducklings
40,000 peeps perish in North Cornwall, Pa.
6,000 chicks were killed Wednesday in a fire that broke out at a Perdue Farms
Undetermined number of cows and pigs burned in Cincinatti barn fire
Barn fire in western Minn. kills 1,800 hogs
A pony, three lambs and a calf were killed in a large barn fire
31 yearling cows killed in Farmington barn fire
Dozens of dairy cows were killed in a barn fire
calves, baby goats, rabbits and chickens burned in a "hobby farm" fire.
19 cows perished in dairy barn fire.
120 dairy cows killed in barn fire
A fire Saturday that killed about 650 hogs in a confinement barn near Rock Valley
50,000 chickens killed in farm fire
Twenty thousand chickens were killed in a fire at a barn on a factory farm
Centre Township barn fire kills nearly 80 cows
50 dairy cows killed in New York farm
Dairy blaze levels barn, kills 54 cows in Pennsylvania
Nearly 600 pigs killed in an intense barn fire in Rochelle. The smoke could be seen from more than 5 miles away.
Oregon: 80 head of cattle burned to death in an aggressive wildfire
More than 8,500 cattle are considered to be affected and/or burned by Montana drought induced fire
2500 pigs and piglets burned alive in Kansas hog farm
Almost 2,00 caged pigs die in Netherlands "pork" growing barn fire
Firefighters say about 500,000 chickens died in the fire at the Boulder, Colorado farm.
At least 2 cows killed at a dairy barn in Washington
Dairy barn fire kills 75 cows in Brown County, Wis., hundreds more will likely be euthanized
7,000 turkeys were killed in the fire
20,000 birds die in poultry farm fire
Lancaster County barn fire leaves hundreds of pigs dead
Dozens of chickens died in a house fire in Orangevale
Hundreds of rabbits burned in Sterns County barn
Barn fire kills about 80 dairy cattle
Ann Arbor, Mich. barn fire traps 300 animals, including rabbits, chicks, a horse and a steer
Electrical fire killed hundreds of hogs
Fifteen cows killed in barn fire 
Barn fire kills more than 100 cows
1,700 pigs die in fire at large Utah hog farm
Fire destroys cab of truck hauling cattle
Hog Barn Fire In Henderson Kills 250 Pigs 
Barn Fire Kills 35-40 Stearns County Dairy Cows
Fire at Va. poultry house kills at least 10,000 turkeys
More than 1,500 cattle, horses, sheep and goats killed in Texas fires. 
24,000 chickens killed in fire
Fire officials say both barns are a total loss. Livestock and other farm animals that were inside the barns, died in the fire.
30,000 chickens died in the incident just east of Calgary.

Ohio barn fire kills 83,000 chickens11,000 Chickens Killed in Arkansas Coop Fire
Dairy Farmer Loses 160 Cows To Fire
40 Cows Killed In Barn Fire On Northern NY Farm

Stop the Live-Burnings!Burned_hen
2007 - 3,700 burned alive
2008 - 30,500 burned alive
2009 - 51,900 burned alive
2010 - 115,909 - 125,409 burned alive
2011 (to April 21) - 49,539 burned alive