Oct 21, 2011

Another Provoked Rant About Why Dairy Sucks

Google Chrome has this neat feature that enables you to "pin" your tabs... And as I'm looking at my browser at this moment I can see several articles about cows have "herded" together.  No wonder... Having concluded another "World Dairy Expo" fiasco- Let's hope the cows who were "losers" are "safe" back home too...
And did you hear about the "designer dairy" stuff?  No --- Not talking about the fabric made from casein or the gown made from cow nipples.  I'm speaking of the strange flavorings the industry is adding to cow's milk: chocolate, strawberry-banana and coffee; six varieties are planned for next year.  I guess the logic is if you sugar-up pain and death enough - anyone will swallow it.
Now from what I'm gathering there's quite a bit of re-aligning of theft-tactics in the dairy industry.  They've abolished the Cooperatives Working Together that enabled them to send millions of cows to an early slaughter in order to jack up prices.  Glad to see Compassion Over Killing is calling them out on such vicious practices.  Even if it is under the premise of price fixing.  My reason for signing the complaint was this:

For more than 35 years I bought milk, cream, butter, and all sorts of product made from cow's milk. I swear on everything that has value to me that I would NEVER, EVER have purchased a single one of these items had I known the ugly truth behind "innocent" milk. I was a long time vegetarian who did not have a clue that consuming dairy violated my ethics. These ethics are important to me... They represent my philosophy in life... The way I spend each nickle reflects my beliefs! I never agreed to needlessly harm gentle cows or their babies for the "food" I bought. But I was an unwitting participant because the reality of milk production (just as in eggs) stays behind dark curtains. 

This is false advertising... It is a deceitful scheme to tell half truths while keeping the nasty parts away from consumers. Since every dollar spent is a "vote" for the product and the practices required to make it... I was robbed of my consent! My "vote" stolen from me through dishonesty... I, and many others have a complete moral right to demand compensation.

But still the cow-killing folks are screaming that they want to get government out of their business.  You wouldn't know it though with all the special legislation to maintain their profits.  Like: this, this, this and this.

Still somethings to cheer about!  Reality does have a way of catching up eventually... The Wisconsin Dairy Group has finally been told to remove it's deceptive ads stating that cow's milk aids weight loss.  Now Physicians for Responsible Medicine have been urging this move since 20032005 and again in Feb 2011.
But better news is to congratulat Robert Grillo at Free From Harmthe winner of Pamela Ziemann's Milk Revolution Contest!

And so Chrome's pin-tabs could go on and on about dairy nonsense, lies and corruption - Till the cow's come home --- But it's best to end it here with the follow up on the MFA E-6 rescued calves that really did find a home:

This calf-stealing/cow-killing business is vile on every level... Please - consider kind choices.


veganelder said...

The more anti-dairy...and pro cow rants...the better!! On behalf of the cows and their babies -- Thank you Bea!!

Olivia said...

The cows and their babies are standing in line to pin a blue ribbon on Bea. If there were a Dairy Demythification poll, the bovines would vote Bea's blogs #1.

Thanks, as always, for keeping your readers up-to-date with your latest findings. As always, I opened and read every link you provided. Gosh, so many webs of deception continue to be spun by these world-class prevaricators.

They lie about fabric made from casein being eco-friendly (yeah, sure) and they lie about wanting to get government out of their lives (yeah, right).

Yup, the masters of cow slaves and calf killers want to be free, alright -- free to bilk taxpayers (you and me), free to lie to consumers (you and me), and free to ignore the health and welfare of their neighbors (you and me).

So keep pointing out the falsehoods of these deceivers, Bea! The cows are clapping for joy, and so am I.

Anonymous said...

Stop exploiting animals! I feel sickened by our culture. Thanks for this site.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi VE! Anti-dairy and pro-cow rants... Stay tuned! Got a million of them! ;)

Thanks Olivia - I love the thought of clapping cows! I know every time we speak on their behalf - If they could... They would!

Appreciate your support Anonymous! The more voices in favor of reality and kindness, the better off we are!

Nicola said...

Ok that's quite enough crying for one day, but at least my tears watching the Gentle Barn video were happy ones :-) when they were running around - can you imagine anything more wonderful?!? Adorable!!

Bea Elliott said...

Thanks Nicola... I do try not to leave things on a sour/sad note. It's not always easy as you know.

The Gentle Barn video is joyful. I would expect no less for anyOne. Everyone deserves this kind of freedom.

Appreciate your kind heart in helping this dream along.