Mar 31, 2014

Zombie Blood Addictions and Individuals Walking Alive

I have the misfortune of  living among many who are addicted to the entertainment of blood, violence and killing, such as fictional stories like the "Walking Dead" series. This juvenile, gore-fest of a show features pigs as food and/or sacrifice.. Then there is the carnage that happens as a matter of business-as-usual - Every Twelve Seconds

Through this holocaust, whether set in an apocalyptic, pretend-world or right there in a "friendly", neighborhood meat-case, it's healing to know that there's a real man who has different intentions for his contribution to the world. If you haven't read the transforming story of Bob Comis from pig harmer to life-lover, life-giver, you'll do yourself a favor if you do.

The way it once was:

"Humanely raising and slaughtering pigs seems perfectly normal. In order to see the truth, you have to have to look askance, just like a pig does when it knows you are up to no good. When you see out of the corner of your eye, in the blurry periphery of your vision, you see that meat is indeed murder." 

"Somehow we need to become the sort of beings who can see what we are doing when we look head on, the sort of beings who don't weave dark, damning shrouds to sustain, with acceptance and celebration, the grossly unethical. Deeper, much deeper, we have an obligation to eat otherwise."

And now it is that Mr. Comis has become the kind of person he aspired to be... 
I offer a respectful, public bow and my deepest gratitude.