Oct 23, 2014

Learn and Celebrate with the Bite Size Vegan at the Central Florida VegFest

What a great time to be in Florida! Yeah... Not only has the weather been gorgeous but in just a few days on Saturday Oct. 25th I'll be attending the 9th Annual Central Florida VegFest. As in every year I have attended there will be lots of incredible booths filled with goodies, useful vegan information, delicious food and outstanding speakers.

I am thrilled that this year's speakers will include Emily Moran Barwick who is the sharp mind behind Bite Size Vegan. Her 3:00 PM talk will be on Veganizing Via Video: Effective Digital Activism & The Bite Size Vegan Story.
In this day in age people connect the most through digital means and social media. We are a visual culture with a waning attention span and it's important that those working to spread the message of veganism find ways to educate within this paradigm. Emily will share with you her personal journey with video activism, including her inconvenient tech-phobia and missteps, as well as speak to the key components of developing your own digital activism. She will also share some of the Bite Size Vegan videos and save time for questions.
Emily says "my hope is to help people really look at our reasoning behind what we do to animals; to examine our justifications more deeply than 'that’s the way it’s always been'.
I'm taking notes! ;)

In the meantime if you can't attend this fabulous VegFest celebration --- Check out her awesome videos that pack so much useful information in an easy to swallow little nugget... Below are two of my favorites - The first is from the Vegan Ethics and Morality Playlist:

And this 3 minute gem is jam-packed with cleverness, talent and truth!

For me hearing Emily speak in person will be the highlight of this VegFest... I'm certain her humor, enthusiasm and well-reasoned communication will make its due impact here in Florida... I know her high energy is just the jump start I need! 

Thank you Bite Size Vegan for all you do and for coming down to the Sunshine State! :D


Unknown said...

wow thanks for the shout out! i'm really excited about speaking and getting to meet you!

thank you for your support and for making a bite size post :)


veganelder said...

Wow! I've been a fan of hers for a long time. I'm elated you'll get to interact with her. Terrific! She's a real treat.

Hooray for y'all!!

Bea Elliott said...

Thank you too Emily! I'm counting down the hours and flying high on adrenaline. I know you'll give a great talk. You are THE pro on "Effective Digital Activism"! I'm bringing questions too and plan to be a sponge. ;) C U there!

Bea Elliott said...

Hi VE - I know!!! How cool is this! I always enjoy vegfests. This year will be super special. Thanks for being happy for me! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not what a videophobe like myself likes to hear, snort. Emily's videos are wonderful, and I applaud all those who can make them as they probably are better tools, but I'll have to stick with the written word I'm afraid. :)