Nov 4, 2008

Tainted Animal Feed - Meat & Animal Ag Waste

As you may know China has recalled vast quantities of dairy products, meat and now eggs because of "excess" quantities of melamine (or plastic) in animal feed. "According to the Information Times newspaper, inspectors tested 531 types of feed and eight batches—a total of 6.48 tons—came up positive for melamine. Feeds are used as food to raise chicken, duck, cattle, pig and fish." Epoch Times - Inspectors in China Find Tons of Melamine-Tainted Animal Feed Think it's only China feeding plastic to it's animals? It's a common practice here in the U.S. as well. In fact, during the slaughtering process - about 20 lbs per cow is collected during evisceration - to be re-cycled back to feedlots and factory farms so they can feed it to the new crop of future victims. "Food animals" are also being fed: Same Species Meat Diseased Animals Feathers, Hair, Skin, Hooves, and Blood Manure and Other Animal Waste Plastics Drugs and Chemicals Unhealthy Amounts of Grains Oh... and cows eat blue jeans too: I'm no mathematician so I'll leave it to better minds than mine - But if one could calculate all the recalled meat... all the contaminated feed... all the waste trying to raise animals as "food" it would be in the billions and billions of tons per year of "waste". If we could just stop trying to feed people animals and focus on the healthy, (logical) alternative of plants we indeed would be on our way to solving world hunger. The meat industry may brag about using every part from the "oink to the tail" - but what wastes and inefficiencies exist in between? For more information on veganism: Choose Veg

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