Dec 11, 2008


A few days ago I posted about the Irish pig meat recall... Today the USDA is recalling 78,941 pounds of the stuff distributed here in the US. due to possible dioxin contamination:
Massachusetts recalls 33,880 pounds
New York recalls 4,041 pounds
Florida recalls 41,020 pounds
All that pig flesh that was bred, that lived in cages, that got fed, that got drugged, that pooped (6 times more than a man), that underwent brutal transport, that felt fear and pain, that got slaughtered, that got shipped across an ocean, that became "garbage" for the U.S. to dump... Oh yeah - everything from the oink to the squeal...
Like the box says... pig out intelligently - Go Vegan.


Unknown said...

Thank you for your revelations and blogging the truth!

Site Closed said...

Thanks for the comments again. Things are looking up over here now. :) Plus I'm over two weeks into the vegetarian diet and loving all the new foods and tastes. I never thought there would be so much variety.

I have some of these vege bacon rashers in the freezer and cant wait to try them next! Haha!


Bea Elliott said...

Hey! This is wonderful... not being burned at the stake for telling the truth! ***********

KLEM - I think you're doing great! Keep this up in a few weeks I might actually have to ask how you're feeling (physically). I know you must feel kinda good about the animal cruelty stuff - I had you pegged as just that kind of guy :)

Your faux bacon... I hope they suit you - Keep in mind there are different brands if they don't. Even when I ate meat I can remember certain "brands" not being as good as others. I'm sure if you experiment - you'll find one you like! Good luck!