Jun 17, 2009

Brazil Beef JBS Giant Corruption Investigation - Operation Slaughter

Reuters: "The world's biggest beef processor JBS is under investigation by Brazil's federal prosecutor's office in a widespread corruption case that has targeted several companies in the beef industry. Brazil is the world's largest producer and exporter of beef, and its cattle industry has come under increasing criticism from environmentalists at home and abroad for its role in the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest." Included are other meatpackers who are also part of the investigation which includes charges of bribing public officials, racketeering, corruption, fraud and collusion. Several people from the beef, dairy and leather industries were being rounded up and held in police custody in a broad-reaching sting operation spanning several states. "Public prosecutor Reginaldo Trindade, who is leading the investigation, said companies under investigation had paid inspectors and public servants to approve projects and clear products such as meats for consumption. He added that JBS's operations in Porto Velho in the Amazon state of Rondonia was under investigation for arranging for inspectors turn a blind eye to their allegedly adding water to meats to boost weights." One of the companies is Margen who has recently filed for bankruptcy protection, or the local equivalent to the U.S. Chapter 11. "Federal police reported that 22 people had been arrested by Tuesday evening in an operations involving 250 police officers." In a hundred years, it's the same old shenanigans regarding the meat industry. Not much has changed for consumers, laborers or animals... The only thing Upton left out was a rain forest... Go vegan

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