Jun 19, 2009

Cows Never Go Hungry - 1 Billion Humans Do - Go Vegan

I love the line: "Cows never go hungry"... For that matter neither do pigs, chickens or goats... 16 times more people can be fed on a plant based diet than what it takes to live on a meat based diet. And with all the greenhouse gasses associated with livestock - a vegan diet is much better for the planet... ...and more people could be fed. It's a win/win situation!Go Vegan


Anonymous said...

How many vegans can be fed in years when the crops fail?

Bea Elliott said...

Well... gee - If the crops fail what will you feed the animals? I'd rather focus on feeding more people and spreading the plant based food around than fatten animals with vegetation and then eat the animals. The ratio is about 16 to one. Did you not watch the video? More grain, soy and corn goes to feed animals than humans...

Besides - if climate change continues --- the last thing anyone of us will be thinking of is feeding animals "food" - We will need it for ourselves. Just as we need it for ourselves now.

That goes for the water too... With inevitable shortages why are we wasting so much on raising animals? We should be preserving it to grow REAL plant based food that feeds people not animals.

Believe it... if the crops fail - the first ones to go hungry will be livestock.