Jun 28, 2009


This lactating slave-prisoner has a champion and so do I! I'm thrilled to hear of young Sam Tucker, a Vegan Abolitionist Animal Rights Activist. Sam is from New Zealand and has just launched an informative podcast: NZ Vegan Teen He hosts a weekly radio show too... AND if that weren't enough... this remarkable young man also created the NZ DAIRY CRUELTY website which straightens out the many myths behind the "wholesome" milk industry. At NZ Dairy Cruelty, there's an in depth explanation of the all the issues surrounding the dairy industry. There is an abundance of well documented examples of cruelty to cows and calves alike. His site also features a forum, tasty dairy-free recipes and vegan related videos. Sam's blog is here. But be forewarned... you will not meet a talented 17 or 18 year old teen - not at all! Instead, you will see a brilliant and inspiring 13 year old. Mature beyond any one's expectations... That's right! This young man, passionately committed to this cause of great consequence, is only 13 years old! Goodness knows what energy and enthusiasm he'll bring to the movement as the years go on... Sam - you are an inspiration to us all! Thanks for all you do! And we will not let you down either. We'll continue the good fight by spreading the word, every chance we get to tell people to: Go Vegan. Thanks NZ Vegan Teen & NZ Vegan for spreading the word down under and here!


Camille said...

Thank you Bea.

What an inspirational young man.

I often wonder where we would be now if my generation has his kind of awareness and courage.

I'll certainly try to spread his message.

Elizabeth Collins said...

Thanks Bea so much for helping Sam and talking about his sites everywhere. It has been a great week :-)

Unknown said...

We could all take a lesson from Sam, what an inspiration!

Amy said...


This is great, good on Sam :)

Bea Elliott said...

Thanks all! I've got another guy I'd like to post about in the future. Not quite as young as Sam - I think he's 16 or so. But he's very active and an Abolitionist too...

If we are ever to change anything for these animals it's got to be through kids! :)

Anonymous said...

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