May 24, 2010

Meat Addictions Mobile Slaughterhouse Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Mobile slaughterhouses:

They waste lives and fuel: First we ship fuel to grow the crops... Then we ship the crops to fatten the animals... Then we ship a slaughterhouse to "process" them!

It is expected that the mobile slaughter units can potentially travel up to 220 miles each day in service and will get approximately 5 miles to the gallon.  I can't imagine what kind of energy it takes to chill 6000 lb of hot

flesh within 24 hrs.  Or what it takes to keep it refridgerated for weeks until further "processing".  THEN what it takes to ship it cool to where ever sold as "fresh" meat.
So if you see one of these Grim Reaper, energy guzzling trucks on the road you know they are carrying the dead to the meat addicted. 
Some people will do anything for a "fix" I guess... But then again - They could just Go Vegan for a really sustainable and humane world!


Anonymous said...

This is a good thing, good wholesome meat for our children so they can grow big and strong instead of skinny and pale.

Anonymous said...

Mobile slaughter helps small farms and communities prosper! It is also less stressful on the livestock, as they don't have to travel in inhumane ways to get to the slaughter houses.

Anonymous said...

Yes It is a very good idea.

Bea Elliott said...

Anonymous #1 - "skinny and pale": Please Google "vegan athletes" - See the American Dieticians statements of a vegan diet... OR the recent release by the Mayo Clinic which encourages MEATLESS meals.

I think the last thing we should be worried about in our meat addicted world is being "skinny"!

Anonymous #2: Concerned about "stress" to "livestock"? That's easy! Don't artificially inseminate them. Don't give them shots, antibiotics, hormones or "fake food". Don't confine them. Don't steal their babies... Oh yea - and most importantly: Don't kill them!

Anonymous #3: A "good idea" is one that can stand up to independent critical analysis. Using sentient beings for frivolous purposes violates every ethical concept our civilization strives for. In the process it makes for an unhealthy population and an even less sustainable planet. "A very good idea" would be to GO VEGAN! ;)