Aug 30, 2010

Round Two - Eating Pigs and Dog - Are Tastebuds Ruling Your Logic? Go Vegan!

Okay... I kid you not - This is an unedited "capture" from this article about the live birthing exhibits at a Nebraska animal "livestock" show.
Now - Exactly what is it that people don't get about the moral dissonance they live under?  

Aside from the obvious visual contradiction  this article goes on to say "the birthing pavilion is not just an exhibit, but also an educational experience where the public can get a firsthand look at the birthing process of farm animals, which are the $8 billion-plus lifeblood of Nebraska's agricultural."
We all know the "lifeblood" and economic worth of a "food" animal really only happens at the "processing" stage.  If animal ag really wanted to demonstrate the monetary value of "deadstock" - They'd invite people to get a firsthand look at that event as well!  
So- I'll do Nebraska and all animal ag a favor... Here's the "lifeblood" of the industry and it's sheer utter madness: 

Now folks... You all should be very certain we don't "need" to do this - There is no compelling "life or death" - No urgent "us or them" situation here.  It is only the frivolous want of tasty sausages that allows these pigs to be slaughtered by the millions... Meanwhile, I wonder and worry to what extreme you all might go to - for your little pound of flesh?

Think about it.  This puppy enjoys his life just as much as the piglet... The puppy once grown, may never become as intelligent as the pig - So what in the world is the difference between munching on either?  
After you ponder... And come to the consistent conclusion - Go vegan.


veganelder said...

This is just grotesque. I looked up the contact information for the vet that was quoted throughout the article:

Dr. David Smith, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
126D Veterinary Basic Sciences
Lincoln, NE 68583-0905
Phone: 402-472-2362

I am going to email him expressing my dismay at his euphemistic description of the activities associated with the exploitation of animals. I would urge other readers to do so also.

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

I thought the following two sentences from the article quite interesting:

Answers like that help clear up some of the misconceptions people have about animal agriculture that the animals aren't humanely treated.

"We want people to feel good about animal agriculture and recognize that care of the animal is the primary thing, regardless the size of the operation."

As long as the idea that people are more important than any other species is prevalent, humans are going to continue to justify whatever cruelty they commit. So sad.

Jo Tyler said...

I heard on the radio this morning about a book called, "Time To Eat The Dog: A Real Guide To Sustainable Living"

If people are willing to eat a cow or a pig, I see no reason why they should not eat a dog or a cat. My 85 year old grandmother called me the other day and was waxing poetic about the mother dove who had laid eggs in a nest outside her window. I asked her: "Oh, are you going to scramble them up in an omelette? She acted horrified and said, "Of course not!" I asked: "Why not? You take the eggs from a mother hen and eat those...what's the difference?"

Bea Elliott said...

Excellent idea vegan elder... I wrote UC Davis about the vet who had the "mad" pregnant cow shot (11 times). That too was a result of these sort of "birthing" exhibits. I have no doubt the Romans had some kind of decadent display like this - adjacent to their arenas where they cheered as zebras and monkeys were thrown to lions... When I see it that way we are a very crude species indeed.

I know too that animal ag is always talking about "misconceptions"... Or that they aren't allowed to "tell their story". I believe their problem is quite the opposite though... More people are becoming aware of the realities of "livestock". And most given the chance within our "first world nations" will seize this information to make the vegan choices. They aren't fooling anyone anymore - If it weren't for "developing nation's & foreign markets" they could never hold their own with a growing, enlightened consumer base. Maybe I hold too much hope for us? But it's all I've got!

Very interesting story with your grandmother and dove's eggs. It really drove home the point... How they can choose to not see is beyond me. Let's hope, like your grandmother - They all walk away with something to chew on... And see their way clear to leave the eggs (meat and dairy) off their menu. ;)

Anonymous said...

"A puppy enjoys his life just as much as the piglet"

What about the bug in a vegetable garden that gets killed during harvest or the butterfly that gets hit by your car? I'm guessing that they likely enjoyed their lives too.

Let's come back to reality. Life isn't a Disney movie. It's not practical to think that everyone wants to be or can be vegan. Have you ever thought about the impact that would have on jobs and the economy as a whole?

I support my right to choose what I want to eat. When I sit down to eat a porkchop, baked potato, and peaches tonight I'm going to thank the producers who helped get it to my plate.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Anonymous... Gosh, so sorry about the delay - I put your particular comment in my "odd" folder - Just now getting round to cleaning it out.

Now - about your views regarding bugs, Disney movies and money...

Bugs: If I strike, injure and/or kill a butterfly I'm not joyful about the event... I would never do such a thing as a deliberate act of malice. But I'm figuring if I was in my car - My very life depended on not swerving into the car beside me to avoid hitting the winged lovely... Never did say that life was totally without injustice or without moments of (self) preservation. Does that apply to your chops as well?

"Life isn't a Disney movie." No, but I don't have to go out of my way to make it a "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" against the innocent animals though --- Do I? Does that apply to your chops as well?

And about your "money". It's a terrible thing that so many brutal and horrible acts have been done (and are being done) for the love of the dollars and silver coins. I'm very certain that as the civilized worlds readjust their diets to plant based foods, there will be plenty of opportunity for ingenious and ambitious entrepreneurs to be prosperous and "rich". Vegans eat too you know...The baked potato and peaches sound fine to me!

I thank farmer who grow my food as well --- Just wish I wasn't competing with so many billions of animals for it!

Finally, I support my right to disagree with choices you make that affect the welfare and lives of so many billions of others.
Good day.