Sep 5, 2010

Farm Animal Slaves Need a Job Holiday Too! Labor Day Rest from the Slaughterhouse -

In the past I've heard so often that animals "give" us so much.  And that they work so hard!  From plowing in the fields to giving us the very shirt, I mean "skin" off their backs for us.  I've even seen it in books that tell children what "jobs" animals have:
On the farm, Elsie's "job" is to provide us with milk... Henny's job is to "give" us eggs.  Henry the horse toils pulling the cart of hay to Mr. Wiggles, whose only occupation is seems is to just get fat!  

And there's all the others... The donkeys, ducks, rabbits, goats and lambs who all stay very busy too!

So it seems only fair to give these critters a chance to kick up their heels on Labor Day too! How 'bout it animal ag? One day off a year to celebrate (and honor) all their hard work?

Just one day that Ms.Chicken can have straw and get to keep her own egg!
What about letting our lovely Momma Cow romp in the sun with her calf?
How about Mr. Pig... Wouldn't we truly "thank" him to let him out of his cage just once on Labor Day?

YES! One day of rest and play... One day to not be "workers" or tools... One day to not be carted to the slaughterhouses.  Just one tiny day in all the 365 days to not be killed --- After all they "labor" and "sacrifice" so much for us throughout the year.  What do you say animal ag folks and meat makers?  
Can't the slaughter lines be stopped for just one day? A few hours maybe? How bout a quick minute or two just to say you tried to be fair to your "employees" who help you "bring home the bacon"?

Happy Labor Day to the slaves who work and die for the meat industry.


veganelder said...

The best labor day post of the year....thank you Bea on behalf of the animal slaves who hurt and die for human trivialities.

Bea Elliott said...

Sorry veganelder - Your comment got lost in the cyber shuffle. Thanks for the encouragement in seeing what I see too: animal "slaves". And the elephant in the room that wonders "what did I do to deserve this?"
It's tragic.