Dec 1, 2010

Food Safety - Less Animal Meat, Milk & Eggs is Better - None is Best...

The Senate approved the Food Safety Modernization Act.  But the bill would not apply to meat, poultry or processed eggs, which are regulated by the Agriculture Department.

Many people like to cite the problems with peanuts, spinach and produce... Most contaminated by the unprecedented growth in factory farms and "overspraying" of manure.  Let's remember that  Campylobacter, Salmonella, and E. coli O157:H7 are three of the main causes of food related illness and all are related to animals.  Here's a quick reality check regarding animal and "meat" products:

76 million cases of foodborne illness in the US every year are caused by "bugs" are from "farmed" animal pathogens.

So how well is the USDA doing in regulating food safety?  Better yet... How wise are the choices that people are making regarding their health?

We can thrive on a plant based diet.  The more you remove animals from your plate the better.  "None" is best... And certainly the most compassionate option.


veganelder said...

There is almost some sort of karmic justice thingee, seems to me, being that increased illness and decreased health accompanies torturing, killing and eating innocent sentient beings.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi veganelder... I know what you mean about karmic justice. I (not so jokingly) tell nonvegan people I know, who are also plagued with illness that this is "The revenge god gives for eating his animal friends". They chuckle over my "strange" opinions on nonhumans... I always hope a sliver of light might penetrate through the laughter.