Dec 5, 2010

I Found Them! Almost a Million Stolen Dairy Calves - Cow's Milk = Murder

Calves Stolen From Another Minnesota Dairy (cow)

With just a slight tweaking one can see the depth of another reality... 

"We walked all over the yard for about a hour and a half looking for them, and we couldn't see 'em or track 'em anywhere, so we figured they were probably taken," the new mothers said.

And the theft of these precious baby calves happens about 944,200 times a year... That's about 152 million pounds of infant remains... Many calves upon entering the slaughterhouse will desperately try to suckle the fingers of the hands that lead them to the kill floor.

These male dairy calves are almost worthless to the industry - They cost more to feed than their "value".  Yet they mean everything to the mothers from whom they were stolen from. Please do not participate in this vile treachery.  Choose to be meat and dairy free


Krissa said...

Oh dear God...the part about the fingers. ... A little over a year ago I was befriended by a cow that lived in a field next to the shelter I volunteered at (which also housed the 'animal protection agency' offices, ironic and twisted as it turned out). The conditions that those poor creatures suffered through last winter were horrific. They were often without food and of course the tiny buckets they had for water were nearly always frozen. They had NO SHELTER and it was a brutal winter. I used to take them carrots until I got yelled at...these were 'bio' cows meaning they were being raised to be 'bio' meat. The carrots I was giving them were organic too but that's hardly the point. They had babies out in that weather too and of course the babies disappeared. I guess most people don't give a c*** that the mothers of ALL creatures are distraught and heartbroken when the disappear or die. And of course the babies as well. I struggle so hard not to hate mankind. So hard. At least there are other good people out there who care, who don't participate in this madness and who do what they can to alleviate some of the suffering. Our numbers are too small, but at least there are some of us. And I will just keep it to myself what I think should happen to everyone else. It goes a little along 'an eye for an eye'. Whatever a person has done to another living being, so let it be done to them. No more, no less. (Guess I didn't keep it to myself, but I at least 'kept it clean' - ha!).

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Krissa... What horrible memories you must have after witnessing such cruelty. :( I'm so sorry. When these things are seen by the most awake among us, it reshapes our lives in profound ways. Your view of mankind is not unfounded.

I struggle with that too. The initial shock, affected me so deeply that had it not been for the very many good and whole people I met on the web... I think I would have gone mad with despair. :(

Thank you for having your open heart to help these cows with a simple gesture of carrots... Thank you for representing a small but strong portion of our species that has empathy and compassion. But most of all, thank you for a voice that encourages others to do the right thing. It gives comfort to us all - knowing we are not alone.

Krissa said...

I was thinking about this post today a lot as I was doing my shopping. Seeing all the human mothers out and around with their little babies in strollers and "snugglies" (I forget what the slings are called, but I know they have a name). And it just ripped at my heart knowing how many other mothers who happen to not be human are having their babies torn away from them at any given moment. And the horror they go through. And then it hit me, how in the world is it that the majority of human mothers don't just become vegan naturally? I mean, to stop and really think about it..REALLY think about it. I don't understand. As far as I'm concerned, fathers are included in this too, but I'm not a man so I can't imagine how a father feels, but I can imagine how a mother feels. Sigh. We as a species are so far, far away from our fellow beings. It's too deeply sad to contemplate sometimes. Well anyway, I was coming back to write that I'd been thinking about this post a lot and add that bit about hu-moms and I saw your comment. Thank you for that. And thank you for your voice, too and for being one of the ones who gives me hope.

veganelder said...

Vile treachery sometimes sounds as if it is an exaggeration....regarding the way these mothers and children are is a minimization.

Krissa, I do not understand either...I sometimes think some part of a person must be dead if they aren't living as a vegan.

Bea Elliott said...

Krissa - I feel for you. There are solid days where some story will stay with me throughout all the "ordinary" doings. Seeing the contrast to what my mind knows has/is happening to what people are blind to amplifies the knowledge and sadness that much more. It's like they have invisible rose colored glasses on... Or have taken the blue pill or something - How could they NOT know? And IF they know - How could they NOT care? I ask these questions constantly too. It's always reassuring to know I'm not the only one --- Thanks for your voice as well.

veganelder - I have a wonderful friend who set me straight on the difference between a simple "betrayal" and "vile treachery"... The latter certainly applies to what we do to our nonhuman kin. It goes beyond just a bad deed... It's wicked at it's core.

Emotionally dead people, wearing rose colored glasses who have taken a "blue pill" --- That about sums it up alright!