Mar 10, 2011

Florida Schools Disregard Humane Education Law - Rally To End Slaughter

Gosh, Florida just can't stay out of the news (or my blog) this month!

Back in 2009 two Alachua County students were arrested on felony animal cruelty charges.

As the small minded, boastful (and stupid) jerks that they were, they posted a "brag video" on youtube.  But when the animal services investigator went to the school principle he didn't even know that there was an ag-chick-raising-bird-killing program going on!  Imagine that? 40 students involved in this FFA (Future Farmers Association) project and the only one "in charge" was teacher Allen Shaw who "On the day the video was shot, Shaw was helping students "kill and properly package their chickens."

Adding further ignorance to injury (and murder), charges were dropped in Jan. 2010 --- "after it was discovered the chicken used in the video was already dead when the video was made."

Now I don't know... Any one ever see a "dead chicken" flap her wings as the video shows?  How lazy and cowardly the "justice system" is huh? :(

The FFA organization is much like 4H - Yeah they have a "blah, blah" creed too.  And a yearly "Beast Feast" where they can win prizes like hunting and fishing trips and killing equipment to add to the pleasure and fun.  And they also can gorge on dead deer, pig, fish, and alligator bodies... Oh yes, and tortured chickens too.

I have nothing against teaching kids self sufficiency and how to grow healthy, wholesome foods with projects like the Edible Schoolyard.  And I'd love to see the fruits of their labor in neighboring Plant City, that holds it's yearly Strawberry Festival this month... But I'll pass for all the "livestock" shows and the pig races.  Pity such a beautiful celebration of nourishing and lovely fruits, marred by the inclusion of animal-slave exhibits.
Given the video above, and the blatant disregard that public institutions have for following law, I have good reason to be mistrusting of systems that indoctrinate kids into thinking that living beings are to be used and disposed of.  This does not teach them respect or compassion.  Clearly 4H, FFA and other organizations that teach kids it's okay to take innocent life, should be dismantled, spurned and rejected for the sinister propaganda that they spew.  It fosters violence and "othering".

There's nothing wholesome, healthy, normal or kind in slaughtering victims.  We need to stop condoning butchery - Not hold classes with hands on methods of doing such!

So - In lieu of all the above, Karen Davis founder of United Poultry Concerns, along with HERO Humane Educators Reaching Out, is organizing an effort to get Florida Schools to enforce statutory mandates of humane treatment toward all beings and to end the slaughter of animals in schools.  Having spoken to dozens of education officials here in Florida - I can confirm that most haven't even ever heard of the statute: Title XXVII, Part IV, Chapter 1003.42 let alone follow it's rule.

You know... I can't do very much about the institutional slaughter of 57 billion land animals a year in the world... But I sure can do something about the brutalization in my own back yard!

Join us on March 31 from Noon to 1PM outside the Orange County Courthouse .  Be there- if not in body, but in mind, spirit and intent! Oh... And you'll know who we are - We're the ones not wearing uniforms or badges... And not killing.

Upcoming events: United Poultry Concerns


SBH CLAY said...

I think I'll choose to take from this blog memories of the people who all the animals are surely applauding with me: UPC's founder Karen Davis, HERO's founder Susan Hargreaves, and all the legislators who introduced and voted in their respective states for the statute mandating humane education in the classroom.

Hope the courthouse rally on March 31st is a success in terms of turnout and goals achieved. I wish the FFA kids, who are sadly conditioned by their parents and peers to enjoy such deranged, depraved dinners as Beast Feast, could be taught what it feels like to love, respect and protect creatures.

Krissa said...

Thank you for what you are doing. I can't watch the video, but thanks for taking a stand and trying to do something. Thanks to all of you who are going to the rally. If I were there, I'd go with you.

veganelder said...

You went ahead and connected 4-H, FFA and the Hitler Youth. It was staring me in the face and I hadn't made the hook-up. Jeez, isn't being brainwashed wonderful. :-)

I took a look at the Boy Scouts and they have merit badges for fishing, fly fishing and leatherwork, so some promotion of unthinking violence is present there too (along with the obvious homophobia).

It is curious, depressing and dismaying to think about the many ways the culture goes about normalizing the exploitation of and violence toward the other animals in what is taught to the children.

Hooray for Karen Davis and HERO for their efforts and hooray for you for yours. Thank you.

Bren McClain said...

I am so in line with you. In fact, I'm writing a novel that explores the whole 4H beef raising competition and sale, a rite of passage for many young people, including my own father back in the 1940's. Thanks for this post!

Bren McClain said...

I also wanted to say that if any of your readers ever participated in these "feeding out the steers for market shows," I'd love to talk with you. Thanks!

Bea Elliott said...

Hi SBH CLAY! I join you in the applause for Karen Davis... She is a tireless advocate as I'm sure Susan Hargreaves is. As far as the legislators (who once were?) I have all ideas that this was voted in as a feel good measure. There's a lot of that going around... Millions of dollars generated by the Florida lottery - Much of it was supposed to go to schools for education. Ha! What a joke... We've almost got as many kids in "pods" as we do in classes... Somewhere all that money (along with tax dollars) wound up lining pockets. Must be the nature of "the beast".

Thanks for your good wishes though... Removing slaughter from schools - I'm sure it will be a tough nut to crack. :(

Thanks Krissa! I know you're with everyone who speaks up for our animal kin!

Hi veganelder - Being brainwashed too for so very many decades, I've found it all peels away in layers... And just like an onion - It always makes me cry!

Goes to show how gently I'm (still) trying to link the connections - I deliberately left out the Boy Scouts because... well... that institution seems just about as wholesome as USA made geo-modified apple pie! Although I know you're right about their "othering" propaganda... I just didn't have the courage to include them. Thanks for being "brave" for me!

Hi Bren and welcome! I took a look at your site and am thoroughly delighted! Your account of what inspired you to set about writing your novel is truly heartbreaking. I know Sarah will give you the voice to speak for Mama Red! And I can't thank you enough for doing this! It's a subject that desperately needs to be examined... What we learn as children is vital to who we become as adults. Thus far, especially with "ag kids" it's not a pretty sight at all!

Your bio and blog post about Helga and her Cow Sanctuary story is a find! And it's staring me in the face right now - of what's missing on my Provoked site... Sanctuaries! By the time you read this, or shortly thereafter I'll correct this omission. I have neglected the celebration of those fortunate ones that have been given a chance at life... Thanks for inspiring me to acknowledge the heros that make this possible!

And also much, much success in getting book written! It's a story that desperately needs to be told! Keep us abreast --- We're all cheering you on! :)