Mar 7, 2011

Florida Videos of World Peace and Amazing Raw Nut Milk

Recently I wrote about a proposed law that may be implemented here in Florida, prohibiting the filming of certain subject matter... And that would be sad and wrong to restrict freedom of speech and personal liberties of private citizens.

But here's a short video Will and Madeleine Tuttle also took here in Florida last February.  Apparently this was taken just days before Will's presentation that I was fortunate enough to attend.  The theme of his talk, and his lovely piano compositions, leave no doubt that he is guided by a loving and compassionate light.

Celebration by Madeleine Tuttle

I was also very happy to have spoken to Madeleine again... As an artist in transition, I admire her ability to capture images of our fellow creatures in such a tender way.  

Finding the video posted below I also learned she is an accomplished flutist as well.  The talents of both Will and Madeleine certainly reflect the abundance that they know the world offers.  Our movement and the message of extending respect to the animals is blessed to have such voices of enriching reason on our side...

I'm so glad they came to Florida and also happy they filmed Madeleine's preparation of her awesome raw nut milk... Enjoy!

Want a Soyabella of your own?
Want to read The WORLD PEACE DIET book?
Want nonviolence in your life? Go Vegan! :)


SBH CLAY said...

One gentle video led ... and the next ... and the next. Each affords us a glimpse into the elegant simplicity of Life. Each is a glimmer of Soul (and soul-ar power!) expressing order, harmony and peace, from the angel-soft flute songs ... to the green-earth-sourced milk 'n' shake ... to the silky white birds wading in the swamp and swooping toward the sea.

This view of Florida, where all is light and love sent from Above, wipes out of thought all vestiges of the previous fear-filled, speech-stifling version of Florida that you showed us in the previous blog.

I vote for the "love your neighbor" (of every species) Florida every time!

Bea Elliott said...

Hi SBH CLAY - Yes, there is a softer side to Florida... In all the connectedness that Will Tuttle urges us to find, you've done so in the poetic way you embrace the contents of this post.

The harmony of nature - When let be, is perfect just as it is. From Florida to around the globe and universe... What a paradise we'd have if we just all loved our inter-species neighbors!

Thanks for that reminder and for working towards that goal! ;)