Jul 8, 2011

Sheryl Crow's Blood Money & Paul Seymour's Un-Leather Boots

Okay, so did you hear? Sheryl Crow announced that she is using some of the profits made by her performance at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo to help "wild" horses.  It doesn't seem to matter to Ms. Crow that captive horses and other nonhumans are used for bull riding, tie down roping and steer wrestling.  

Nope, Ms. Crow doesn't care. And why should she? Even the U.S. Air Force Thunderbird Fighter jets are in on this battle against the beasts!

And heavens! So even is the Christian Cowboy Church!  

War machines and leather! Now that's a match made in hell. :( 

For a more in depth study of these western "legends in their own minds" I highly recommend this revealing post written by veganelder called  Cows and "boys".

And if all this glory to the mud, blood and beer weren't enough - Did you know the U.S. Senate approved (for the 7th consecutive year), the "National Day of the American Cowboy" to be July 23rd - Surprise! Surprise! This is also the first day of rodeo "action" at the "Daddy of 'em All"! How pathetic is that? 

I wish humans would realize that the best way to give horses (and all sentient beings) the respect they deserve is to leave them out of our personal wants, demands and controls.  And it certainly means (Ms. Crow) not using one group of victims as leverage for or against the other.  That only betrays them all!

"I won't hurt another soul for pleasure or reward". ~Paul Seymour


Harry said...

There is nothing manly or American (or Australian) about being a cowboy and abusing terrified 'flight' animals. Or any animals. Rodeos are one of those sad American events that misguided Australians attend with pride and glee - not the best export or import. Ms Crow, can you not see the abuse of rodeos? Can you not see that you are so strongly supporting abuse of those you profess to help? We desperately need a pill that when taken will instantly cure such disconnect. In contrast ... Paul Seymour - you champ.

veganelder said...

My suspicion that relinquishing these iconic fantasies will be a difficult and painful process (it already is painful for all but the human animals).

Inherent in this tragic acting out are the core infantile wish that the world and all who are in it revolve around us and are here for our bidding and pleasure. Nothing exists or is significant but our desires for fun and entertainment...and...nothing that we wish for could be anything but good, desirable and 'right'.

Oops, it seems that I just wrote the operating policy of the USA. Dear me.

Anonymous said...

There are so many stupid celebrities who endorse things without researching them. Look at all those "Got Milk?" idiots. I'd love to see one of them work at a dairy "farm" or veal "farm" for one day before they wore the stupid milk mustache and took in a zillion dollars.

CQ said...

Good job creating that unbridgeable contrast between consistent compassion and convenient compassion, Bea.

I won't put myself through the torture of watching the Cheyenne video again (there was a time when I had to see for myself just how bad the SHARK YouTube horror shows were).

I enjoyed Paul's song about his non-leather boots. Very clever and sweet.

What a wealth of new-to-me information in veganelder's COWS AND "BOYS" blog post! Learning about the TRUE cowboy makes the upcoming National Day of the American Cowboy even more hollow and hypocritical in my eyes. There is nothing authentic in the Hollywood myth -- not even John Wayne's off-screen character. Pure fiction is just that: fictional.

Krissa said...

"I wish humans would realize that the best way to give horses (and all sentient beings) the respect they deserve is to leave them out of our personal wants, demands and controls." - That's one of the best quotes I've ever heard. You are spot on! Thanks for speaking up and out the way you do. ... I hope somehow, Cheryl Crow reads this. My first inclination was to like her less than I already do for her "help", but I remember that it could have been me at one point, I was very misguided myself. So I hope she reads this....I hope one day humanity's hearts, eyes and minds will open up. And I hope our kind will stop hurting everyone else and destroying everything natural.

Krissa said...

Listening to "My Boots Ain't Made of Leather" right now. Great song!

Bea Elliott said...

Thank you Harry for chiming in as a voice of reason! :)

Ha, ha! You're funny veganelder! But of course this is how our "gOd/government" works too! I think of society and how it's represented politically, like a ranting, spoiled child that needs some stern scolding. It's demands are totally out of bounds with what it has privilege to. Yet, bully-brats that they all are, they just manipulate all the rules to serve in their favor.

I'm glad to be among those who aren't hesitant in calling the ruse for what it truly is! ;)

Good point D.E.M.! It's one thing for someone to be momentarily duped by a flim/flam scam... And anther thing entirely to put your name/reputation on any institution that is clearly a farce! And in the case of rodeos & dairy... The evidence is widely available - If only they opened their eyes a bit. Pathetically sad on who we honor as "heroes".
Thanks for your input! ;)

Glad you enjoyed the "no leather" boot song!

And happy too that you gained some insight to "cowboys" via the link. It was sure an eye-opener for me too. I will never feel "un"American again for having my distrusts and condemnation for that "holy" institution. It is exactly fiction as you say!

And thank you too for sending me the link to The Cowboys by Merritt Clifton! Wished I would have had it when I initially wrote this post - But for the benefit of those who've never read it - Here's the link now: http://www.sharkonline.org/?P=0000000890

Highly recommended - Thanks for sending it my way! ;)

Krissa - Thanks for all your good wishes as to the fate of our very "misguided" species. My hopes are just like yours... I implore the gods of reason to somehow make us wake up from our fantasies... They truly are just nightmares for those trapped in our delusions.

I know! Cool song! Paul Seymour is a real decent guy... Glad he's taking a stand in his own professional "celeb" way! ;)