Feb 14, 2012

Hey Valentine! Go Vegan - And Nobody Gets Hurt!

Happy Valentines Day!
Art by Sue Coe


veganelder said...

Great Valentine!! Thank you Bea and Happy Valentine's day to you too!!

Anonymous said...

Great Sue Coe print!!

CQ said...

Thanks, Bea and Sue.

Wish I could post here, but will have to email instead, a sweet valentine sent from a friend who took some pix of little piggies at a sanctuary run by another Sue -- Sue Eakins, of New Dawn Montana.

HVD backatcha, though it's now past midnight your time, moving into Wednesday. Have a Happy Valentine's Week, ok?

Have Gone Vegan said...

Go Sue Coe! Love her artwork. :)

Bea Elliott said...

Vee Elder - I hope your day was super!

D.E.M. - Glad you like the image! I love the intricate details... And she even got a fish it it! Cool!

Thanks CQ! Since I'm so late in responding - Can we just call it Valentine's month? :/

Appreciate your visit HGV - I share your views... Love Sue too! ;)

Have Gone Vegan said...

Just got a good deal on her Dead Meat. Am looking forward to it!

Bea Elliott said...

Hi HGV! - Glad you're getting a hold of Dead Meat. I've occasionally placed mine in a strategic place if animal-un-aware folks come over... I've seen them grab at the book thinking it's some horror-fiction story. But boy! Don't they drop that book like a hot potato once they know it's the real deal.

In any case - I hope the book provides you with another useful dimension in your understanding and advocacy of the issues.