Oct 29, 2012

Halloween Confession: Who Folks Eat... Scares Me

Just in time to get the creeps for Halloween... Another human-flesh eater is arrested and charged with plotting to kidnap, kill, cook and consume women. Since January, New York police officer Gilberto Valle discussed cooking and eating female bodies with an undercover FBI agent.

Valle's computer was confiscated and shown to have "a blueprint" for "Abducting and Cooking" women along with their personal information, physical descriptions and photographs of at least 100 women. The arrest warrant documents several conversations regarding the details of the plotted crimes.
Valle is asked "How big is your oven?"
VALLE: Big enough to fit one of these girls if I folded their legs...

He also planned to "cook her over a low heat" and remarked that one of the women in the photo "looks tasty".

In fact and in fiction through necessity of eating the dead (necro-cannibalism) and for kinky kicks of killing, there are stories of those with an appetite for human flesh.

Alexander Kinyua CANNIBAL STUDENT eats Roomates Heart and Brain
Armin Meiwes - The Man Who Ate His Lover
Albert Fish
Jeffrey Dahmer
Brazilian Cannibals Arrested For Making Empanadas With Human Meat
Issei Sagawa
Jieming Liu killed and consumed his 73 year old wife

Now all this talk of "long pig" is quite repulsive to read and certainly to write about... But I had to in order to make this final point: For all the twisted excuses most people have to eat nonhuman animals... There isn't a single rational one that would disqualify eating a human one as well.

So I guess in this one way --- Living in a world of over 7 billion carnists --- I'm grateful the bulk of them follow this one irrational species exclusion. Scary isn't it?

To paraphrase da Vinci:
The time will come when men will look upon the eating of other-animals as they look upon the eating of human ones.

And remember... For the best of Halloweens... Make it a vegan one. 


veganelder said...

Thank you for the post and the informative (and spooky) links Bea.

One thing that would maybe be a positive if human animals went exclusively cannibalistic...we would reduce our harm to our fellow animals.

But...like you point out...it would be lots more pleasant for us to reduce the violence and death by practising ethical veganism.

Enjoy your Halloween!

Bea Elliott said...

The precursor to Soylent Green - Yes it is all very spooky and creepy...

I sure do agree though that we would reduce the harm to others even if we "used" our dead bodies to regenerate the soil. No need for manure if we could just let our bodies rot rather than get pumped full of embalming fluids and encased in non-biodegradable coffins.

I don't know... It just always mystifies me how we go through such great lengths to preserve dead humans but have so little regard to the living nonhumans. Our flesh is "sacred" even when it's void of life... But the animals --- Tragically their whole worth and value is only realized when they are dead! It's total vulgar speciesism - At it's worst. And I'm sure I'll never get over it. :(

Thanks for your comment... And for letting me rant a bit. :/