Feb 3, 2013

An Unweaned Super Bowl Hero? Milk Malarkey!

The dairy industry has managed to buy some Super Bowl air time. In this commercial starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is seen abandoning all reason in order to got get-milk... Even to the point of dismissing a poor kitty caught up a tree!

But since cow's milk comes at the cost of so many, many baby calves lives... Why in the world should Rock or any other unweaned human care about a cat??? Hum???

And speaking of unweaned humans: 

Ha, Ha, Ha!!!
Only YOU can be a super hero to the cows, calves and your own health!
with Silk Power or any of the other wonderful plant based alternatives!

We all know that real men are kind to animals...

And that there's strength in compassion:

Please live in a just, ethical way... Go vegan. ;)


Anonymous said...

I hope all the vegans in the world hit the "dislike" button on that YouTube commercial! :-)

I don't know who Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is, but I *do* know he's one of millions of unweaned adults who are brainwashed beyond belief.

That the dairy industry would spend so much money to hype its product at the Super Bowl shows how desperate it is to boost sales.

Keep the Almond Breeze comin' on the shelves, grocers.

In the commercial's other animal-exploitive scene, showing the circus lion, at least he's *out* of his cage. I hope the lion runs away, climbs the tree, rescues the kitty, is given sanctuary by the little girl's family, who in turn goes vegan and visits The Rock's house, tells the three little girls about the poor cows, then they, too, go vegan and convince The Rock to do the same, then he turns the tables on the dairy farmers and does a "got almond milk?" commercial for Super Bowl 2014.

Not too much to hope for, is it? Gotta aim high. Time we all get weaned!

veganelder said...

We're the animal that ascribes authority to visibility...and of course we also pride ourselves on being the "smartest" animal. Hmmm...

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Olivia! I absolutely love, love, LOVE your scenario! All that action in the cause of justice --- Now that would be a truly heroic thing to watch! Very clever! Thank you for the laugh & the hope of future possibilities. <3

Bea Elliott said...

Hi veganelder - Yeah... That human "smart" thing sure does get other species in a passel of trouble and hurt. We're not doing so well living by it either. If I could reduce all our wrongs down to one word - It always is arrogance.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. xox