Jan 29, 2013

Pimps in Pork Production: Discussing the Disgusting

One of the seedier sides to animal "husbandry" has got to be the sexual manipulation of nonhumans used in the reproduction phase of their enterprise. I hope it's becoming common knowledge about the artificial insemination (AI) of cows in the dairy and "beef" sectors and of turkeys... But on this go 'round I'm here to expose the raping of the females in the making of bacon and "hams". 

We know that they are kept in tiny gestation or farrowing crates for most of their lives - But in order to deliver these "production" litters these mother pigs must be kept constantly pregnant. The new goal of the pig industry states that "A more meaningful target for each sow in the herd is to produce at least 40 weaned piglets per lifetime. " And so as a breeding machine - This is her life until that miserable existence is also stolen away.

In the making of these "replacement" piglets a vulgar procedure the industry likes to call "servicing" takes place:

First the sperm is gathered by way of ejaculating the boars- To music no less!

Then there are the Heat Detection and Breeding Procedures - Finding females that can be "serviced" requires some pitifully embarrassing and demeaning practices to not only the "stock" but the harmers as well:
I mean really... Have they no pride? No shame? Aren't they humiliated to do these vile things to victims in order to "bring home the bacon"? It's flesh peddling in the most deplorable sense! Pimping comes to mind!

I'm quite reluctant to post such vulgar images and facts about this industry... But such is the nature of exposing reality for what it is. In the case of making pig-meat and other animal "products" - Discussing the disgusting will continue.

In the meantime please remember there are countless options that don't require the masturbation or raping of others. Keep your dignity and still be well fed:
There Are Vegan Options


Atheist Vegan said...

I recently learned this about cows, but never thought about how the sows became pregnant and that they were inseminated over and over again. How could anyone be a farmer like this?

Anonymous said...

Oh god. What a series of pics!

veganelder said...

We're talking serious perversions and pathology here.

Debra said...

Thank you for bringing this spectacularly appalling and horrific practice into view. I knew about it but I've never written about it. Sharing on These Glass Walls on Facebook. Hope you get a spike in readership!

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Bobbie --- It is creepy information, isn't it? They remove every bit of any natural instincts from these poor pigs. I frequently don't even bother calling them farmers - But harmers - Cause that's all they seem to do. :(

Bea Elliott said...

I agree D.E.M. - Sorry it got so raw. But there's no way I'm eloquent enough to describe the horrors without the visuals. From beginning to end - These poor pigs are condemned to a living hell. :(

Bea Elliott said...

veganelder I'm in agreement. Perversion is the exact word I was looking for. I just don't see it as anything less than socially condoned rape. How humans willing participate is just plain twisted. :/

Bea Elliott said...

I appreciate it Debra! Rather than a spike in readership though... I'd much more prefer a moved consumer base that would refuse to participate in this bacon-baby-making practice. Frankly it should be against the dignity of anyone to support. Poor pigs. :(