May 28, 2013

The Irony of Eating Starving Animals...

Ever hear someone say they were so hungry they could eat a cow? Wonder if they'd consider eating a starving cow? 

How about this story from New Mexico where 25 cow carcasses were found amid a thousand emaciated cows who were left for the same kind of death by starvation. No surprise... The drought causes extreme scarcity of food and water. And well... I guess if you're in it for the (blood) money - Ya' can't go blowin' all the profits on hay and feed - Now can ya? :/

But on a less extreme scale those who eat animals are eating hungry ones all the time!

From cows - Cattle that have been shrunk kill more easily than those with full intestinal tracts. Perhaps withdrawing cattle from feed 1, 2, or 3 days before they are slaughtered would economically benefit both feeder and slaughterer.

To pigs - Feed withdrawal saves costs and contamination

To chickens- Feed withdrawal in broiler flocks that are about to be taken to slaughter, greatly influences processing and carcase quality. 

They all arrive at the slaughter plant hungry!

Kind of weird when you think of it... Even brutal murderers set for execution get a great "last meal". And here we go... Murders of nonhuman victims - Starving them so we can eat them. 

Ironic isn't it? 

Please don't be the cause of anyone starving:
Photo from Vegan Wiki


Anonymous said...

Starving animals physically can only be done by those who are starving emotionally, who are famished for compassion.

veganelder said...

There is an "entertainer" (I don't know what else to call him) named Baxter Black who used to be a veterinarian. He "entertains" now by writing columns and books and so on. The little newspaper here is a corporate (out of state group) owned rag that runs his column each Tuesday. Mr. Black, I think, had visions of being some version of Will Rogers, instead he's more akin to Archie Bunker...but not as articulate.

Here's what he wrote last week in some strange homage to the 'cattle business': "They produce our product, beef, from scratch, just as a welder builds a bumper guard, a cook bakes and apple pie and an artist paints a picture."

Some see nothing as being how can they see anything as being hungry?

The people you describe see themselves as being "efficient". The economic system called capitalism encourages efficiency, rewards efficiency, worships efficiency.

Living beings aren't "efficient", objects are.

We don't see life and beauty...we see things to be manipulated and 'natural resources'. "Compassionate capitalism" is as oxymoronic as "compassionate conservatism". As long as we encourage and reward and select for "exploiting" our environment and those around us...we're all in danger...not only of being hungry...but of being dead.

Anonymous said...

Great post!

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Olivia - Thank you for that very clever and astute conclusion based on the theme this post was about. You're right... They are starved for compassion and they will be buried in graves of gluttony.

Not us though! We're quite content and filled up enough with love for everyone.

Bea Elliott said...

Wow veganelder - This Baxter Black guy sounds so vicious! So callously materialistic. So crass! He's just echoing what the profiteers are all about. Using and taking from others as if they were machines.

In the process we become machines. "Useful" as long as we consume and lap up the commercial hype. Just give the general public its widget, its morsel, its toy, its fix - It doesn't and won't question the first time at what cost to whom?

We humans have become very efficient at looking the other way and they've created so many "fun" distractions for keeping it this way. I fear you are right that it will be our undoing.

The only saving grace is that I don't have to be a part of it and I know of others who aren't as well. Thanks for being one of them!

Bea Elliott said...

Thank you Kristina! And thanks too for your support of Food Not Bombs. It's a great effort to promote peace. ;)

Ingrid T said...

I had no idea about this starvation methodology. How unbelievably awful and sad. I liked veganelder's comment very much, and can't add anything to it except to say I agree with you both ... wholeheartedly.

Bea Elliott said...

I agree Ingrid that veganelder diagnosed the problem quite sufficiently. We just don't see others as deserving respect - Especially not when profits are glorified instead. Right down to starving animals before we butcher them. It's quite hideous. :(
Thanks for recognizing the true value of all others. Your support is always welcome. ;)