Jun 5, 2013

The Irony of Boxed Bacon and Boxed Pigs

In this most depraved set of conflicted realities there's the ostentatious, limited edition, presentation of parts of a pig carcass delivered in a black velvet box.

There are three "elite" options: As pictured - The Commander, (note the "truth in advertising" disclaimer on the cash), The Matador and The Woodsman. I'll spare readers the narratives of each... For a chuckle you know where to find the pseudo-hyper-masculine bravado and pretentious video launched for this orgy of perverted, self-indulgent excess. (Ancient Rome anyone?)

Meanwhile... We have millions of pigs that live their miserable short lives enslaved in tiny boxes that are lined only with pain and despair.

The Oscar Mayer folks compare their pig-meat to the quality of diamonds citing 4 critical "c's".

Here's my 4 that count more: 
Consciousness, Consideration, Care, and Compassion 

It is so wrong to treat these innocent pigs so harshly when there are many other kinder options

Unbox your heart... Unbox the pigs... Thank you.


Anonymous said...

In answer to your headline: Yes, 'tis ironic indeed, Bea.


The word running down the page? HEDONISM, pure and simple.

veganelder said...

The ubiquity of staggering horror is beyond belief.

Bea Elliott said...

I like your assemblage of undesirable traits to create it's ultimate representation: HEDONISM is exactly so Olivia.

When we see it used as a marketing ploy it gets even more detested doesn't it?
Thanks for echoing my angst. :(

Bea Elliott said...

Hi veganelder... You're right the stench of callousness and greed has infested everything. And when you're awake and aware it's impossible not to notice. (sigh). :(

Keith in Portland said...

I was next to an animal hauling truck on the freeway recently, stuck in traffic. I looked over to see what it might be carrying, and a pig was looking back at me. It was so haunting, I felt like the stare at me was a plea to help, it was so intelligent looking and intense. What do we do beyond being vegan and feeling helpless to defeat the runaway profit machine?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bea,

Meant to tell you earlier that when I saw this in my Google reader I went to the Kraft Foods website and complained. Bit of a process (they make you jump through a few hoops -- hey, just like at the circus!), and I have no illusion about it helping, but at least I got the satisfaction of telling them (politely) why and where they could stick their boxed bacon. ;)

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Keith - I first must apologize for being so behind in a reply. I've been splintering my time in too many distracting directions these days...

But I do appreciate your comment. For me too it was "one pig" who's face and expression spoke to me pleading for help. I know what you mean that the system appears enormously difficult to defeat. I don't know what else to do either except to continue trying to educate people and to promote a better way.

On good days I take some comfort in knowing that positive things have surfaced during the last 10 years or so. The internet has been a wonderful tool for connecting ideas and like-minded people... I also have to continue to trust that we humans are basically good and that we will be influenced to do the right thing. Even on good days it takes a lot of big hoping to see a silver lining... But without it it would just be despair and defeat. That pig... And countless others are depending on us to have a winning attitude and to keep our eyes on the prize.

Our message is right and truthful. Thank you for staying the course in this good fight! ;)

Bea Elliott said...

Hi HGV! I'm sorry I'm tardy. You of all people ought to forgive me though! LOL!

Glad you got a mini-rant in against the boxed killed-pig people! I've done that spitting in the wind myself a time or two. And who knows? You actually may have made a person re-think their animal-eating position? There's more than one way to bake a vegan cake! ;)

Anonymous said...

So I finally got a reply:

Thank you for visiting http://www.kraftfoods.com/.

I wanted to thank you for sharing your concerns with us about our advertising. Your comments are important to us, we do take them seriously and I want to assure you that I will share them with our advertising staff. That said, I can't promise that you won't see this ad again.

We consider our advertising the company's voice to the public. While we try to provide advertising that appeals to the majority of our audiences, it's hard to create advertising that fits everyone's taste.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Kim McMiller
Associate Director, Consumer Relations

As if it's just a matter of taste. Ah well, I tried. And eventually they won't be able to run ads like this anymore without creating an uproar.

Bea Elliott said...

Oh HGV! You were so politely brushed off! You are not part of their customer base but they were so gentle in telling you to go fly your vegan kite. What you think or say matters about as much as the pigs in the boxes do. But they are so very civilized in defending themselves - aren't they? :/

I admire you so much for your effort anyway. It certainly had to make a few people think a little deeper. And for now that's about all we can ask is that they just use their minds... Thank you!