Jul 29, 2013

Taking Lives - And Stealing Milk From Children

"And the calves weren't crying "just like children", calves are children." 

This is the profound statement made on the veganelder post: There are none so blind as...

For those who think that it's anthropomorphism to say, consider that even the industry calls the off spring of cows "sons" and "daughters".  And anyone with just a bit of knowledge who understands the maternal imperative knows that indeed... Calves are children.

With the truth in mind we can empathize with the horror of having your baby stolen and the terror of being a stolen child:

But what do the robbers say when their (swiped) "goods" are snitched? Listen to what a dairy/veal operator says after the discovery of some missing 1 month-young calves.

A minute in he says "Right now they're living a pretty good life. From here who knows where they're going." The reporter notes how difficult it must be to get into the "cages". The operator goes on to say that they do their best to keep "these things" fed and well maintained... Then Mike Steward of Hilmar Farmwatch states "They don't care it's a calf. They don't view it as a life. They view it as income. And that's sad." He continues that each calf "is worth" about $600.00. The story concludes that these calves are their future... But it's no secret what the fate is for the calves or their mothers.

In a follow up piece a reporter informs us that the calves are in the cages hutches so as to be "protected from predators and bacteria".  And Hilmar reaffirms the "watch" is on for those baby rustlers! 

The crime is obvious because behind him are the mommas searching for their missing babies! 
And here are the children plucked and torn from their mothers!

Hilmar was the one that mutilated this youngster's ear... And "tagged" the pirated life as theirs.

Hilmar is the bandit who usurped this baby from his mother and prevented her from nourishing him. The sour products made from her milk may be labeled "Hilmar" but the milk was pillaged nonetheless. 

The final truth is that if you support the industries that steal milk, you support the industries that steal children too.

You can do better than that. We all can. We can wean ourselves and let babies stay with their mothers. We can opt for an ethical vegan life. Thanks to all good children on the planet who do. 

And we can all also hope that these calves were rescued to live in sanctuary. They would then surely be one of the Lucky Ones.


veganelder said...

Wow, that video is powerful...and sad. The horrid scenes at the end were just that...horrid. I've been bothered all day by them.

Families and mothers and children have been around a long long time...a lot longer than human animals have...we need to accept reality.

I also thank all the good children who try to do no harm. Good for you for writing that. :-)

Anonymous said...

I recognized the name of the video immediately, having watched it several years ago, and having saved it. Every once in a while I see the title as I scroll through my files. I recall that it haunted me, but until I experienced it again this evening, I didn't realize how realistically it depicts the poor mama and baby cows.

Bless the children and the beasts, as the song by the Carpenters goes. Bless innocence and harmlessness, wherever they may be found.

Great post with great points, Bea.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi veganelder - I'm sorry if the film was disturbing. But sure... Watching families being severed is horrible no matter in what context.

And here again as with other relevant videos and written stories I wish there was a way to get more nonvegan people to see and care. We can only keep trying.

Thanks always for your positive influence.

Bea Elliott said...

Thanks Olivia! So the Circular Glance has made a revolution in your files as well? I realize it is an older video but the story has for me as much impact now as when I first saw it too. There's also a tinge of sadness in the realization of how little things really have progressed -(sigh). I guess we just keep at it till all children are safe and loved. That surely would be the best blessing yet.

Ingrid T said...

Bea, thank you for always presenting these issues -- even ones I've pondered many times over -- in a different light.

Crying "like" children, indeed. No, they are children, they are babies. This cultural indoctrination has so perfectly and ruthlessly set the stage for anthropocentrism and exploitation -- not news to any of your readers but still insidious, no matter how much we understand it. Not only do humans strip animals of their rightful lives, we strip the language of anything that remotely describes their emotional experience. And then, we dismiss those humans as "unreasonable," who have the audacity to use language that hints at the full existence of other species.

'Anthropomorphism' might just be the most damaging word ever imagined, for how it has condoned such torture -- and for how it has marginalized those who have seen the beautiful truth of nonhumans and then said so.

Bea Elliott said...

Thank you Ingrid. I believe you might be on to something with the thought that 'Anthropomorphism' might just be the most damaging word ever. It seems like it is the cure-all excuse and insult tied up in one against those who care about others. Meanwhile every child born of responsible parents are being instilled to have concern for others. What a confused message our society conveys. What a sham it is when you can see the hypocrisy.

I suppose all we can continue to hope for is that enough of us eventually expose the lies. Let's hang in there and keep trying.