Aug 13, 2013

Butter Cow - Bloody Cow - The Irony

For the sake of educating the public about dairy, a cow is annually fashioned out of butter. Just like all milk products, it is made from the cream that should have nourished calves.  All these butter sculptures come at great cost and bitter loss to the cows. But the dairy industry chooses to display these symbolic, trophy-spoils to represent the rich and "delicious" side of their business. It's a "tradition" as valued as the Golden Calf.

This year, there was more than usual trouble and fuss over the golden-butter cow, as it also had to be restored after red "blood" paint was used to make another point about dairy consumption. One that unknowing consumers might be disturbed by. For those who profit from the butter-cow, image is a sacred thing to preserve. They worked into the night to return said cow to a presentable state. There shall be no bloody cows at the fair!

Meanwhile, the irony is... They don't seem to mind the ocean of hidden blood spilled for the making of the golden-butter-cow.

Please reject blood-foods in any form and choose to be the cream that rises above the social norm. Be vegan.


veganelder said...

Hooray for the "vandals"!!

Here's one instance where vandalism was a social good. It is encouraging to hear that even in the hinterlands of Iowa there are those who act on behalf of our fellow Earthlings. Good for them.

Bea Elliott said...

Hooray indeed! I'm not normally an advocate of property damage either. But when your voice is being ignored by an even more destructive element, a relatively harmless act like this may be the only recourse. I hope it did may some people re-think the message of the billions of victims.

I can't stop chuckling though that fair officials were relieved that "no animals were harmed by the activists". Sheesh - Are they ever clueless! :/