Aug 30, 2013

Animals Who Labor - The Irony Of A Holiday

Labor Day was created in 1884. The first Monday in September was selected as the day to honor the "working man".  This holiday celebrates the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. 

Lots of people take this opportunity to spend a day relaxing under a quiet hammock at home.  Or some go to the beach for a day of playing in the water.

And some take in the boardwalk attractions.

I think it's great to kick back and enjoy the fruits of one's work and toil... Everyone needs that. Just wondering though... The animal ag people make all sorts of inferences that animals must be "productive", and that their "contributions" are vital to us all carnists... 

So when do these "essential" animals get a day off? When do they have a 24 hour reprieve from their "duties" and their "job" of supplying dairy, eggs and meat to the blood-hungry masses? We know that the slaughterhouse lines never stop, not for any holiday... So I think it's really ironic that those humans who profess to "benefit" most from the horrific use of these animals don't at least give them

one miserable day off!!! EVER!!!

No one was put here to eat, to wear, to be entertained by, or to be used as a test-subject. Not any day of the year! 

Please... Give all animals a holiday everyday. 


veganelder said...

Thanks for writing this.

Anymore it is wrenching for me to see a documentary or movie where laboring animals are depicted (usually in the background pulling something or being ridden by a character). They're hard at work and virtually never is any mention or reference made to their efforts or burdens. Such backgrounding of slavery is nearly ubiquitous and as my sensitivities recover these obvious dismissals and minimizations offend and disconcert me more and more.

As for the animalist ag "people"...these are the slave "owners" and their depravity is stunning and their words disgust me.

No being (excepting children) has any legitimate standing to demand or require that their existence be supported by another being. Period.

All living beings have the birthright of any and all holidays they want. Living vegan is the only way to honor that truth.

Yea for you Bea.

Anonymous said...

Good point. Not only do we normalize the cruelty inflicted on other sentient beings, we even minimize (or I should say, make invisible) their labour. So sad.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi veganelder - I know what you mean about witnessing nonhumans depicted in their "useful" roles. It's the biggest lie that is told - That their "purpose" is for our benefit. What narcissistic hokum! But as it's spoon-fed to us from the beginning that ugly trick goes down so easily... Sad stuff.

For not being a part of any of it - Yea on you too!

Bea Elliott said...

Excellent point HGV! The abuse is so normalized... The 365-day/year task they endure on our behalf, is invisible. 'Cept for those who've opened their eyes and hearts! Hooray on we who Have (Gone Vegan)! ;)