Oct 7, 2013

Trivial Humor & Serious Inspiration = Animal Ag & UnMuted Advocates

In case you missed the bit of humor around the web last week - It comes to you courtesy of the animal ag industry that went into a tizzy when the Country Music Television channel  sent out a twitter acknowledging World Vegetarian Day, and suggested a "meatfree" Monday as well. It played out like a similar panic that occurred last year, when a "meatfree Monday" was proposed by the U.S.D.A. It's evident that these carnists suffer from extreme vegophobia:

But don't let the farcical antics by the flesh-peddlers gag your voice. These three advocates and others, certainly aren't letting that happen! And they depend on their hands and sign language as a way to get their message heard:
DeafNutritionist Sandria Graham hosts the 2013 ASL Vegan Documentary Film

No matter how you're talking about justice and kindness... Please don't let the ridiculous, phobic and fearful, life-snuffers silence you. Speaking up for the world's most mistreated inhabitants is seriously needed. Thank you for doing so! ;)

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veganelder said...

Life-snuffers? I like it. :-) I sort of got a hoot out of the hysteria on the tweets. It's nice to see that the life-snuffers are worried.

Thanks for these links and the video, they go to show that there are many ways of communicating.

Power to the speaking-up!