Sep 23, 2013

Instructions For Murder. Don't Try This On Your Home Planet

There's a fund drive to produce a movie called Abattoirs Rising that hopes to make the grand finale of meat-animal-victims less stressful by means of mobile slaughter facilities.

You can also build your own portable bird killing apparatus.
Instructions and charts are included that show how to "put the bird in the kill cone first to keep it confined, then pull the head down making the neck taught and then slice the carotid with a sharp knife."

Seems everyone and anyone (brutal - do not go if you know) has a special method on how to effectively put an end to some one's life!

This woman does the job by gently stroking the bird while she prepares to "respectfully harvest" the hen. Before the stabbing, she softly coos "Hey Lady"... "Hey Beautiful"... She breaks the bird's neck. Then twists and snaps it off. She then gets teary eyed and says "It's never easy. I've killed hundreds of chickens this way".  

Or there's this man who tells his two grandsons as he's hanging the bird's legs to a rope tied to a tree, "You have to be nice to them, cause there's no reason to be mean".  (I wonder just how are the kids supposed to know what being "mean" is?)

A quick observation will show that there's a clique' of home-spun blood-lust on youtube. Some try to fancy it up by calling it "humane". While others don't pretend for a moment that it is.

But when these do-it-yourself murderers enlist and encourage the participation of kids, it becomes even more disturbing. Do children have the internal compass or courage to be able to evaluate what they're doing? Isn't it very possible that they are repulsed and unwilling, but fearful to admit it? Could Buddy have been his authentic self, if it was in rebellion to his father's expectations?

What about darlin' Darlene as she's egged on to shoot the pig in the truck? They praised her after the "perfect shot". But what kind of ridicule or punishment would she face if she had declined?

But the world we are privileged predators in, is in such a schizophrenic state. In nearly all circumstances, most of us who follow a pretense of social "rules", would never condone the harm of another being. But make it a "food animal", and let it be some one's kid being instructed to cause the damage, and we haven't the gumption to voice a peep of resistance for either victim. Clearly it's SEP.

Since we all live here though - I'm calling murder when I see it. 

And the carnists are getting away with it because there aren't enough justice seekers to put an end to it! Maybe more people ought to take the meat from out of their ears and get their minds off their stomachs, to see the real problems as they are. It's the social justice issue of our time! And the holocaust starts in our own back yards and extends to our home all over our planet!

I'm telling carnists now that your habits sicken me. The way you cavalierly dispose of other lives for gluttony and/or greed offends me beyond words! What kind of mad people are we anyway in the 21st Century? Stop with the blood-letting already - Please!


David Ashton said...

I think making children participate in killing has to be some kind of child abuse, right up there with making them eat McBadforyou food.

Bea Elliott said...

Ha!Ha! I've never heard of McBadforyou before... I've always called it McDeath!

I agree with you though... I digressed from my original thought of just "homestyle" killing in general to those who include teaching/showing kids. It's my sore point too. The damage done to these precious minds is unforgivable.

Thanks for your input.

veganelder said...

Gussying up an evil behavior doesn't change the nature of the action. Harm is harm is harm. A murderer in jeans or a suit and tie doesn't change murder.

Bea Elliott said...

You're right again veganelder. Sadly these people put on all sorts of disguises to camouflage the harm they cause. I just don't understand how they keep the free-pass to continue... I just don't get that part of permissible murder.

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

David's comment above: on child abuse. I absolutely agree. I heard a presentation on that issue a few years ago--on making a boy shoot birds as child abuse. Harrowing.

Bea Elliott said...

Thanks D.E.M. - Everything about letting/making kids witness such things can only come from a mentality that wishes to suppress compassion. If we ever needed a method to raise genocidal maniacs, having kids partake in killing is a fundamental first step.

Truly it seems like we're addicted to bloodletting. Pity on us. :(