Dec 9, 2008


Well... I called it - first the cattle folks did an interview with PETA... Followed up in a strategic effort with another animal "welfarist" agency - HSUS.
Both organizations committed to allow animal exploitation - only in a *nicer* way... Their mantra being - to make animals as comfortable as possible before we haul them to the slaughterhouses to be stunned, knocked out, eviscerated, and "processed". They're in favor of kind "humane" murder. These interviews are meant to put consumers at ease with their conscience. Making folks feel warm and fuzzy, that their actions are in line with their values. Seems that 95% of people consider animal cruelty "wrong". Except when it comes to justifying their meat consumption - then all standards fly quickly out the window marked "hypocrisy" - landing flat on the pavement of cognitive dissonance. Animal agriculture still doesn't get it... If they desire "moral high ground"... (fat chance) - they must enter into dialogue with Animal Rights (Vegan) Abolitionists as I suggested here, here, here, here and here... Oh! and here too!
At issue should be not "how" to use animals - As long as they are "commodities" the industry will find endless ways to convince the public that "how" they are using animals is "humane". Instead the focus needs to shift to the "right" to use them at all. This is the starting point that needs to be addressed. Animal Rights vs animal exploitation - that's the debate that needs to be heard.
Label this "Debate Request #6"

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