Feb 14, 2009

Animal Ag Jolley Meat DEBATE request #5

Animal Agriculture wishes to tell their story... (so I hear yet again). -
Animal ag activist Dr. Dave tells Jolley at Cattlenetwork: "If the meat and poultry industries don’t grab the bull by the horns and tell the whole story, those special interest groups will own the stage and continue to frame a one-sided debate in their own well-known terms."
Well I don't know about the horns... has anyone ever seen what they do to those poor cows when they remove the horns? OUCH! And he continues: "With most people several generations removed from any relationship with farming, there comes a disconnect that anti-ag groups have skillfully exploited."
Wait a second, if we're talking "exploitation" - the needless slaughter of 10 billion+ animals a year might qualify for that... not to mention the ones that don't even get to become your gastronomicaldelight. And he asks: "Are hogs and cattle routinely poked, prodded and generally abused by cruel and thoughtless people? Does a chicken breast or a pound of ground beef really start out on a shrink-wrapped foam tray in the supermarket meat case?"
Well, he's got that right... no - they start off as beautiful beings with an interest in their own lives. Believe it - animals want to live! They have no desire to become your steak, your chops, wings or pate'. They just want to live their lives - the ones you forced them to be born into.
Dave and Jolley say that certain groups "do not want us to eat meat. Period. They do not care if that meat is produce conventionally, naturally or organically. If it is meat, they don’t want us to eat it. "
And here... I beg to disagree (again). I really have no concern over what you put in your body... rocks, tree bark, asphalt. Anyone of course, may consume whatever they wish...
It is the needless killing that is objectionable.
So, if one wishes to troll the interstates for fresh road yummies - have at it! Although it would be respectful to maintain sanctity of the body - if it's flesh you must have - bon appetite!
Finally, animal ag suggests that they strike one minute "elevator conversation"...
I do that all the time! Yep, when I'm on line at the grocery store and someone behind me is holding a package of chicken body parts - I make sure they know how the birds are raised... When I was buying a cd - I told the clerk about the sad song that was played on a Youtube video showing calves separated from their mothers... When I was at the library, a woman was checking out a child's nursery book "the 3 little pigs" - I made sure I told her about the Hormel incident. We all know about those minute messages - don't we?
So... animal ag folks, please don't shy away from an open debate with an Animal Rights activists! I'm certain you want to "get your story told"... Set the time, pick the elevator - I'll see ya there! I'll even bring my vegan literature!
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